Welcome to Tarmouth. Once a bustling British seaside town, it is now a sombre monument to economic decline and industrial decay.
Developed game narrative and design concepts while working on a range of practical live briefs during a three-week Advanced Storytelling Sprint with Kim MacAskill and Into Games.
Tarmouth has been plagued by anonymous eruptions of aggression and violence. Max, an individualistic 15-year-old, investigates by spying on her fellow residents. Through covert observation, she uncovers mundane scandals and secrets. However, delving deeper reveals a haunting truth: shadowy spectres of Tarmouth's industrial past emerge as aggressive psychic disturbances, haunting the town.
Writing samples
The following pieces were created during the sprint
01 Character Bio
02 Dialogue Sample
03 Dialogue System and Mission Triggers
04 Cinematic Script
05 Location Bio

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