A place that captures the “spirit of the jam” where anyone is welcome to collaborate, play and be creative
Design concepts for Into Games' new venture, "Jamma," catering to both newbies and experienced individuals. A platform for discovering inspiring game jams and enhancing mindset and skills. Designed to be inspiring and aspirational, evoking excitement and the promise of rewarding experiences.
Curious Spaces
Visualised as real space for exploration and play, with an inspiring and aspirational atmosphere similar to the excitement and rewards found in games.
Building Blocks
Utilizing abstract geometric 3D/2D forms and playing with light and shadow to create a sense of a "game world" that extends beyond our view.
Exploring the dynamic relationship between playful forms and logical structures, aiming to encapsulate the "spirit of the jam" in the brand. A balance of fun and energy, maintaining a playful yet structured and logical approach.

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