In the shadowy depths of a sinister corporation, workers mindlessly toil away, operating grotesque machines on an unceasing production line. But what is being made and why?
An experimental NFT art collection that explores the boundaries of blockchain as a medium. 
This project serves as a wry comment on the notion of conforming to a purposeless existence, challenging the illusion of a "good" company with ostensibly "happy" workers. In truth, the corporation operates within a tightly controlled system, driven by the relentless pursuit of maximum exploitation of natural resources, labour, and, of course, profit.
Diabolical Machines
The dark world of “Diabolical Machines” is a developing series of experimental generative projects  (“blockchain curiosities”) each exploring different themes of morality. The first of these is "A Machine for Dying". The strategy was  to create an intriguing website experience that feels like an unfolding narrative with more “episodes” to come.​​​​​​​
Our approach involved creating an immersive website experience that unfolds like a narrative, with the anticipation of future 'episodes' to come. Users are transported to a liminal world, surrounded by atmospheric sounds that evoke the essence of a deserted industrial / pleasure land environment. At the center of attention stands an abandoned vending machine, sponsored by Korgon, promising a mysterious 'Worker in a Box' that users can interact with and explore.
As users delve deeper into the experience, they encounter an intriguing shift. What initially resembles a game screen begins to glitch, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. Crossing the threshold, they are transported to an ethereal space where blueprints of the captivating A Machine for Dying collection await their exploration.

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