The name 'Korgon' itself is a fusion of 'Kraken' and 'Gorgon,' two mythical creatures symbolizing horror and immense scale. This choice was deliberate, aiming to evoke the impression of a long-standing company with an insatiable desire to dominate the world.
Korgon Industries is a mammoth mega-corporation that specialises in the production of Floob, a immensely popular consumer product. We created this fictional morally questionable brand as part of the world building narrative for A Machine for Dying. Taking inspiration from the notorious practices of tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, the objective was to add clarity and context to that collection. It also gave us an opportunity for satirical commentary on the cliches and practices in the NFT space. ​​​​​​​
100 Years of Korgon
The "100 Years of Korgon" video utilises archival footage from various time periods and locations, edited together to create jarring juxtapositions. These contrasting visuals are accompanied by propaganda messages that urge viewers to "conform, comply, consume." The overall effect is one of dissonance and unease, effectively conveying the impression of a company that has existed for eternity while also serving as a satire.
Campaign and website
Similarly, the social media  campaign and website maintain a satirical tone. The website / twitter feed deliberately feels off, leaving subtle hints that there is more to the story. It functions as a standalone "installation" in the future, an accidental discovery for those who stumble upon it. While it is not the primary means of driving traffic to the project, its purpose is to create intrigue and anticipation, setting the stage for further exploration.

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